Monday, February 22, 2010

Thursday February 18 – The Power of Prayer

Tonight’s phone call was pretty upbeat! You had a good day. You had a good long talk with your Mum. She has been so despite to do something… anything. Your Mum is a nurse and a naturally nurturing person, for her to be stuck in Ottawa and recovering from her own major surgery has not helped her frustration at all. The two of you are close and I know her words of support helped you. There is an obvious difference between tonight’s phone call and other calls.

After her call to you, she called us and we shared our ideas how to help you. She said yesterday, she wrote a letter to Dr. Mendez, the neurosurgery department head, who also does stem cell research. I am glad that she has written him. She sent it by registered mail. I had planned to write a letter to him but I have been bogged down in the day to day things and I can’t seem to muster the inspiration to write an eye-catching letter.

You walked with the cane again. You felt it went well. You attribute the success to your PT who, you feel, gives great instructions. I think that some of the credit should goto you. You have focus and listen well.

You are in a rather spiritual mood tonight. I mentioned to you how a friend, Mike, who follows your progress in the blog reminded us of the verse ‘Footprints’. I didn’t have to read it to you. You know it well. “I think that I will try to pray.” You say. I speculate whether God answers all prayers. True to form, you quote … of all things … a MASH episode. “Sometimes the answer is no.” “Or” I ponder “Maybe you are just asking the wrong question.”

I know a lot of people believe in prayer and have been praying for you. I think that the power of prayer is the strongest if you believe too.

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