Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday November 9 – Second Chance Club

We woke up late this morning, I forgot to set the alarm clocks and for once I didn’t wake up automatically at 6AM. We had 20 minutes to leave for school. Tara goes into turbo charge and leaves for school on time, Quinn, who was coughing a lot last night, is a little slower. Quinn has no fever and he says he feels fine – I get him to school but he is late.

After work, the race continues. I race to vote, deliver your special ballot, pay the car insurance and get groceries before seeing you.

We talked a lot about your new beginning and the Second Chance Club. This is your second chance to find more meaning in your life. I like to think that we both belong to the second chance club – we both have paid the price of admission. What path will we take to make the second chance count? “I had some dreams and hopes but I don’t know yet what it will be.” Whatever it is you will do something that will touch other people’s hearts and souls and inspire them to do the some.

It may take weeks or months, possibly years to figure out what we will do with our second chance. The second chance is a process not an event. We will have to be patient and wait and see what the second chance will inspire in us.

Your nurse, Marie, said that Dr. Feltmate has definitely got a consult with the local urologist. She advised me to call and cancel the appointment in Hailfax for December. By the time the December appointment comes – You will probably have resolved your urinary issues.

You express your concerns about the rehab. “Do you think they will just leave me on the floor until I do something? I hope they will be reasonable. I like phys ed, and I like physical stuff but I don’t know how intense I can get now.”

“I could come home now. What if I don’t improve much past a certain point then we will have to do some changes to the house.” Yep. A four level split house is not the best layout out for a person challenged with mobility issues. “We’ll have to be patient and not think about that too much – I expect rehab will help a lot. Let’s see what we need to do once you are back from rehab.”

“I don’t like the mornings. I hate being so paranoid and lonely – wanting to ask for something or just talk. It’s a wasteland.” You said. “I was hoping that I could just grab hold of one of the nurses and cling onto them and sleep be their feet.” “Like a lost puppy” I said, “Yeah, a lost puppy dog.”

After thinking about Tara and her interaction with you – I remembered a little question game that I got a few years ago. I was going to get it out of hiding when we took our next big road trip – so that we would have something thought provoking and bonding to do along the way. Well this is a road trip … of sorts. It’s time to see what it might do. This might be the ticket to getting you and Tara to talk together.

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