Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hope Run for Chris Cashen and family

Hope Run (walk or bike) for Chris Cashen and family

Parking lot of Centennial pool

Friday Sept. 4, 6:30pm

On Friday (that's tomorrow!) September 4, 2009, starting at the parking lot of Centennial pool on the Truro Campus of the NSCC, a Hope Run (or walk, bike, or stroll) will take place to support Chris Cashen and his wife Gwen Mowbray-Cashen, their children Tara and Quinn, and their family. Bring your kids! Bring your dog! Most of importantly, bring your hope!!!!!

Chris is a Truro resident and avid runner. On Sunday afternoon he was found on his bathroom floor, vomiting and unable to talk. After being rushed to the hospital his family was told that he had a massive hemorrhage in his brain. He was given NO HOPE. Chris was taken to Halifax where doctors were waiting to take his organs for donation. However, Chris's brain did not give up. A CT scan showed "slight improvement" and Chris was taken to surgery. Yesterday Chris gave Gwen, his wife, a thumbs up. We are going to run for hope!

It would be greatly appreciated it if you could also participate in supporting a "survivor pack" for Gwen, Tara, and Quinn as they travel back and forth to Halifax. You are invited to bring a roll of quarters (for going over the bridge), a gas card or a Tim's Card or money to help purchase these items.

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  1. Gwen - Want to contribute. Think of you all lots. Please email me details of account to xfer to, or a paypal id if you use ebay. Won
    't put my email here to avoid robot spam, but just reply to our last. Gideon.