Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday, September 6th (Morning)

I slept until 6am! Drifted in and out of dreams – don’t remember any dream details – but I could feel a calm reassurance with the dreams - I feel rested and ready to start a new day. This morning, I will meet with Jean and Tara (neighbors) about harvesting the garden. I love to muck about in the garden – getting hot and dirty, planning the garden, watching things grow, taking in sunshine – I guess it allows me to express my nurturing side in a different way from being a parent and a vet. I’m sad to think that my garden ‘baby’ will be neglected – but I have new nurturing demands now and Chris and the children take the priority. Jean, Tara W, Marianne and Harold offer to help – I seized the offers. I had thought that the food could just go to the food bank – but Tara W reminds me that I worked hard to grow the food and will need it to nourish our family. Personally, I think that I had fun ‘growing’ it – I have always considered the ‘preserving’ part to be the hard work.

We are all going to the Church this morning, to gain more strength from your great circle of friends there - they have been a great support. Then Tara and Quinn will spend the day at Shubie Wildlife park with Lisa and Kevin (Cole’s Parents) and their kids – it should be a good day for them.

Slowly, a plan is coming into place about visits to you and child care. I think that I will visit every day Monday to Friday while T & Q are in school. On Saturdays, we will all visit. For now, on Sundays after Church, the children will either visit you with me or have a play date with friends – depending on their feelings and your condition.


  1. So glad you were able to sleep! Rest is a good thing! I want to help and hope you know you can ask anything :) Thinking of you all! Ive run for Chris past couple of days! Long run today; he kicked my butt through the last couple of kilometers :)

  2. I discovered your blog last night, and I find it to be inspiring. I'm sure the committment and drive that Chris showed through his running will now act as his ally in this new fight. Here's hoping he gets back home with you and the rest of the family soon.

  3. Dear Gwen,

    I've been thinking about you guys all this weekend, as I'm pickling and freezing and jamming the garden's bounty. It's so beautiful here right now - and we're all focusing on the Cashen family's next visit at Cabot Trail Relay time. Remember the trophy the children made Chris one year? I'm envisioning presenting him with another one, just for making it back to Old Man Farm.

    As you talk with your neighbours about your garden, keep in mind that I'd be happy to come up on a weekend and freeze/can/pickle, if that would help...

    Love you,