Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday October 28 - Loosing Endurance and finding Courage

Walk to kids to school – it’s cold – mad rush to look for mittens – normally I would have that all sorted out by now. We have lots of lefts – no rights in our mitten family. However, I did discovered another perk to having a dog friend in your life – a perk most people don’t talk about … a sealed plastic bag with fresh dog poop gives off a lot of heat!

There has been no more teeth grinding from Quinn lately but the front incisor teeth coming out at an angle. Quinn’s teeth may need braces – not surprising since we both have dental issues. It’s just like my bad eyes, that I inherited from both my parents – I have their eye problems added together. Quinn has both our teeth.

My eyes have been a worry for me over the last few years. Their affliction may shorten my career. Another good reason to attend this course on succession planning. Like with every thing else – I can accept the outcome – I just need a plan to do it.

I’m glad your perfect eyes were passed onto the children.

On the weekend, I noticed that Quinn’s T-shirt, that Sheena made and gave to him, was loosing the “Endurance” iron patch – he tore it off and gave to me to save and fix it – I have lost it – I haven’t told him yet. Tara almost lost her ‘Courage’ iron patch – but I found it and got it back on the shirt.

I am starting to loose my endurance too. I hope once this trip is behind me, I will find it again. I feel better about going to Milton now that I have a plan. I had forgot for a moment that there will be uphills and downhills.

I have to find ‘Endurance’ to give back to Quinn.

Fran and the children dropped me off at the airport on the way to Halifax to visit you. Tara seems relaxed, but Quinn was a little anxious. I told him “I’ll be back for tomorrow night and I will see you on Friday morning”. He wants to come with me. Oh Boy – I knew dropping me off with the children there would be hard. Fran cleverly distracted him with the promise of Burger King food. It works.

Fellow passenger on the plane, daughter had a stroke at the age of 7. She had a rare genetic disease that affected her platelets. A bone marrow transplant might have saved her. Her father traveled as far as England, to seek help from specialists and look for a donor, none could be found. She died at the age of 9.

I had always thought I should registrar for the Bone Marrow Registry. I even got information, but it meant a trip to Halifax, and I would rarely go. Maybe there is a small silver lining for me to be in Halifax so much. The other day, I walked past the Canadian Blood Services building. Next week, I will sign up for the bone marrow registry

As I’m trying to find the hotel, Tara calls me on the cell. I pull over and call them back. “How’s the visit with Daddy?” I asked Tara. “He was sleeping mostly – Fran, Quinn and I played cards.” I say goodnight and talk to Quinn. He seems less tense. He has decided to sleep in his bed for the night.

He may have lost his endurance but he found his courage. I wonder if he will sleep in his bed the whole night.

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  1. OH Gwen ... I was shocked and saddened to read about your Dad. I'll add another lil mental candle to my blessings. But I roared with laughter to hear of your organic hand warmer: "a perk most people don’t talk about … a sealed plastic bag with fresh dog poop gives off a lot of heat!" Thank God you can still find the funny ... Chris still surrounds you with his love!!!