Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday April 30 – The Nicotine Headache

You woke with a headache today. This causes you some anxiety. You worry about another stroke, I worry that it is due to nicotine withdrawal. A few cigarettes later, and we have a winner. The nicotine does of the cigarettes ‘treated’ the headache.

Janice and Emma came to visit while on a mission to find a prom dress. Janice gives you the tough love talk. The type of talk that only a good friend can give. She points out that you are not the only one ‘trapped’ because of the stroke. As I am listening, I am wondering who else do we know who is trapped as a legacy of the stroke. Then I hear “Gwen is trapped too. She can’t go anywhere or do much because of my commitment to you and your recovery.”

I don’t feel trapped. I haven’t felt trapped by your stroke. If I did, I would feel a burden. I never want things to get to the point where I feel trapped. The day I feel trapped, is the day that you will fell like a burden.

Monday is your quit day. You have an appointment to see Dr. Feltmate to see if she could help.

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