Sunday, May 2, 2010

Friday April 23 – Coming Home and Inspiring Thoughts

There you were – waiting for me at the front door of the NSRC . I had said that I would come over right after my vet meeting at five. I got there five to five and you were waiting.
“I’m going to exercise and eat healthy … like blueberries.” You said smiling and reaching out to hug me.

As I pack up your things, you show me a poster. It’s the poster that you gave your PT. The Boston Marathon poster with the phrase ‘Greatness goes by many many names.’ “I don’t know why she gave it back.” You said sounding a little sad. “I was hoping that she would give it to someone to inspire.” I hugged you and said “I think she did ... she gave it to you!”

She gave it to you but with a few small changes. Beside the poster message “Greatness goes by many many names.” She wrote “Few can hope to ever run a marathon, Many can hope for happiness. My hope for you Chris is that you will be happy.” Below, she put a photo that she took of the whole family on St Patrick’s day. We were all dressed in green. All four of our heads are huddled together in a big family hug. Smiling and loving the togetherness of our family.

You were expected to only need 7 weeks of rehab initially, but you were there for 14 weeks. Double the stay. The NSRC team managed to do more with you then they initially thought that they could. We are thankful for all that they did. You had some pretty amazing team players at the NSRC.

One of the last things that I packed was a little magnet that the cleaning lady at the NSRC gave you during your second week there. The two of you had become friends and she gave you a magnet with the word ‘Believe’ stamped into it. I threw it into the bag as an after thought. As we were getting prescriptions from the nurse you spy your PT working late. You ask me to dig out the magnet. “There is someone I want to give it to.” You say. I find the magnet and hand it to you. You wheel up to your PT and palm the small magnet and reach out to shake her hand. “What’s this?” she said. “We already hugged.” When she realizes what you are up to, she doesn’t want to accept it. You insist. She agreed to keep it. And shook your hand.

The nurse had to find some other medications and we followed her to collect the last of the medication. When we get to the elevator, we meet with your PT again. She smiles and says “I know what I’m going to do with the magnet. I’m going to put the magnet on my locker door here ... it will inspire me.”

Mission accomplished. Your magnet will not only remind her of you but also that miracles do happen.

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