Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thursday April 22 – An Old Marathon Ends and a New One Begins

Today you got a sort of booster seat for your right foot so that your left leg can swing forward easily. It’s built right into the sole of your Asaics running shoes, sort of like a lift but it doesn’t extend to your heel. It sits mostly under your toes. You can move much better with the lift. Your left leg swings a little more freely with each kick.

Tomorrow you come home. My first marathon is finishing. This journal has been a very therapeutic outlet in my life. I had vowed to make a daily entry while you were in the hospital. Tomorrow, you are home for good.

A new marathon begins. It will have a different course and I sense that it will be very challenging but in a different way. A different course with slightly different rules and the finish line is not within sight. I guess that it’s more of an ultra marathon. I feel more prepared to do this one now because your team of coaches will support me too in this race.

When you are here in our home, you will need me more then I will need the journal. I must concentrate on the day to day logistics of the day, your needs and the children needs. The demands of my time and energy will increase … I have to stay focused on the unmarked finishline.

I know, occasionally, I will need to vent to the journal. When I need to empty my head and heart, I will turn to the journal and write. In the meantime I will continue to make brief notes about our marathon experience. When you are well enough to help me write ‘the book’, we can use these notes to write our story together.

I am going to pledge to make a weekly entry about your continuing marathon and progress to date. Just as your ran for 4684 days and were committed running each day, I will make a commitment too … a commitment to write.


  1. All the very best to all of you as you set out on this ultra marathon. I've enjoyed your marathon posting and look forward to your ultra updates. I also hope to get a chance to meet you next month in Cape Breton, my son is running leg 15 for Team PEI. I'll keep my eye out for you and let Edwin know I'd like to put faces to the people I've gotten to know these past many months.
    Again, my very best wishes to all of you and thank you for sharing.

  2. Best wishes from St Andrews and a work acquaintance of Fran's. We met at a recent meeting in Moncton and I was stunned to make the connection as I had been following your story. I'm a 10x Boston finisher, 5x CTR, and 1x prostate cancer survivor (now 1 yr) but feel humbled by the struggle your family is going through. One day and one step at a time and you will all make it through stronger than ever. Hang in there!