Monday, April 5, 2010

Tuesday March 30 – A Visiting Team.

My day starts out like every other day. Crazy. I have to rush to my eye doctor in Halifax for an eye appointment. I rush to wait. I waited almost two hours only to find out that my bad eye, is worse. I am losing vision in my right eye and you have lost it in your left. Between the two of us, we have one pair of good eyes. As we age, it will be the blind leading the blind. What a team.

I get more drugs to help save my sight and prevent further damage to my eyes. I wonder aloud to my doctor, about the possibility of stem cell therapy helping my sight in the future. He isn’t very helpful. I expect the field is too new and little is known yet.
Thankfully, my eye condition is slowly progressive and although the left eye is affected the vision is still good. I am confident that in time, there will be other treatments available.

When I discussed stem cell therapy with your doctor a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I figured that stem cell therapy is going to flip rehab medicine upside down. Your doctor agreed. Stem cell treatment is going to rework a lot of medicine, as we know it

Timing is everything. Will the steep learning curve for stem cell research and application be accomplished by the time we can capitalize on the stem cells therapy for you to get the best results?

My ophthalmologist asks at the end of the appointment how you are doing. I try to give him the inventory list of your losses. The words still get caught in my throat; Hemiplegic, hemianopsia and left neglect. I will have to get used to saying the words but it is hard to mouth them.

On the way home, I thought about your visiting team. If I can get together a group of people who would visit you regularly then we would have a large part of the odd hours that I will not be with you covered. I have already had a few people say that I was to consider them to help out.

In many ways, this is like our situation from the fall. So many kind and loving people opened up their hearts to Tara and Quinn. Once again I find myself reaching out to our close knit community to help with your recovery.

I have started a list. If any readers of the blog, who live in or around Truro, wish to visit Chris occasionally, please let me know by emailing me at

No phone call tonight. Your line was busy, busy, busy. I hope that you aren’t upset with me like last Thursday when I could not get through.

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