Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday April 7 – A Long Day but a Good Day

It’s a very early day today. My Mum has to be at the hospital in Halifax by six AM for her long waited for back surgery. That means a four AM wake up to get her to the hospital for her surgery. Going through the doors of the QE2 Halifax Infirmary again felt very strange.

After dropping Mum off, I have to drive right back to Truro because I start my workday at nine AM. There is no time to visit you. I am a little apprehensive about Mum’s surgery. It’s a big surgery and we hope that it will improve her quality of life but it will be a long recovery.

It looks like the hospital visits may end for you but they will start for Mum. Later in the day, Juanita calls to say that Mum’s surgery was six hours long and so far… so good.

As I drive back to Truro I think about how the children have been and will be our salvation. I look at them and I see hope and then I have hope. When I think about your life and my life, I feel tired, when I think about them I am renewed. They impart energy to me that no one else can.

This is good thing because today when I realized, at the last minute, that Tara was to sing at the music festival, I was catapulted into action to get her dressed and at the festival in less then 50 minutes while still at work. Thankfully, Carmen from work, scooped her up and got her to the festival in time while I finished up at work so I could get there to see her perform.

It was a long day but a good day.

You had a good day too. There was a point that you wanted to smoke but a nurse from the 5th floor saved you from smoking and she is a smoker – she gently persuaded you not to smoke. I expect that this is an aquired skill that is not taught at nursing school.

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