Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tuesday April 20 – Heroes You Haven’t met Yet

This morning, I wake to the sound of the radio. Don Connolly is interviewing Rev. Diane Tingley and her daughter. I sleepily lay in bed and let the words drift in my foggy head. They are marathon runners and did Boston yesterday. They share some of their experience with Don.

I smiled to myself and thought ‘How nice… another ‘If you believe then you can’ story. I didn’t really take the interview in - I just let it drift over me … until I heard the words ‘Organ Donor’. Diane is an organ donor. Part of her message was that one can give significant gifts of oneself and still go on to have a full and fulfilling life.

I was hooked and bolted out of bed. I found Diane’s email address on the internet. She is a minister at a United Church in Bedford. This is too much of a coincidence. Tonight, I emailed her to see if she would come and visit you and share her story and personal insights with you. Insights that come from a fellow runner have a lot more credibility.

Maybe I’m crazy but I sense that she has a message for you.

After work I picked up the children and got them to the pool for their swimming lesson. As I settle at the poolside, I exchange waves with Quinn as he goes about his class. Tara, on the other hand, grabs my attention a different way. “These goggles don’t fit – they leak all the time!” I think she expected me to wave my magic wand and make them work instantly. When I explained that she would have to put up with them as they are for now, she turns sharply on her heel and stomped away.

“That’s my oldest … my daughter the ‘Sun’. Thinks everything revolves around her.” I explain to the parent sitting beside me. It turns out that the lady beside me is actually a grandparent … we look the same age. She was there with her granddaughter who is a loving cuddly child like Quinn. “This is my second family.” She explains. We compare notes on raising children and how different they can be.

Cindy is a breast cancer survivor … no…a thrivor. She tells me of her struggles and her resolve to keep going. I think her grandchildren are a strong motivation for her. They counted on her and she needed to be needed. She has a strong sense of purpose.

It’s been four years now and no cancer. She is a little nervous of the future but she is living, for now, in the now.

Next week you probably will meet her because you will be needed to exchange waves with Quinn and listen to Tara rant about something. That’s what parents do and you can do that too.

I want you to meet her. She has a message for you too. There are so many heros in your life … many of them, you haven’t met yet.

You called today. You sound great on the phone. Strong and confident. You had a good day. I still want to come home and I haven’t smoked.” You said. Tara is very keen to tell all about her piano piece at the music festival. It went well and she was pleased and when we got home there was an email inviting her to participate in the summer musical ‘Suessical’. She is beaming with pride and I can hear you beam on the other end of the phone.

Quinn gets on the phone. As he talks to you he flips upside down and stands on his head … on the stairs! I’m glad you can’t see this … you would freak and scream something like “Stop that. That’s how someone gets hurt!” Instead, you happily play with Quinn on the phone. “Three more sleeps!” Quinn sings to me as he hands me back the phone.

That’s right it’s only three more sleeps and as I write this I realize it’s Annie’s second birthday today… Oops, I forgot it.

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