Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saturday March 27 – Finding the Good Guy

This morning, Quinn’s eyes light up when we showed him the devil sticks that we ordered for your PT. Enclosed with the devil sticks is a booklet outlining the other juggling things that one can order. Quinn immediately starts to plan how he is going to make money so that he can buy other juggling gear. A diablo is next on his ‘to get and do' list.
The two of you talk about how he can make devil sticks to sell. Quinn and I make a short list of things we need. We got all the things we needed to make several devil sticks at Home Hardware for the cost of one set online. He is very excited about this as a project.

You visit Donald again. It was a much better visit then last week. Donald was very tired before but you had a good chat today. Later in the day Janice, from the church, came to visit you. She offered up news of the church and her recent visit to Australia. You really enjoy your visit with Janice. The two of you have a special relationship as co-workers at the church. She misses you at the church. She started running, partially, because of you. This summer, she is off to Iceland to run in a half marathon to raise money for diabetes research.

Today is my Mum’s birthday. We had dinner at Juanita’s. You and Mum seem to have more in common now with all your combined hospital experience. Between you having a more talkative nature and wanting to share, the two of you talk more the I ever seen you talk together before.

Tara is spending the night at Juanita’s because we are double booked tomorrow. Quinn has a gymnastic meet in Sackville and Tara’s choir has a performance at the church in the morning. I insist on making it an early night. If we can make it to Sackville by 8 am, It will be a miracle.

At bedtime you reflect on the day. You are searching for your roles. “Visiting Donald is one thing that I can do.” You say. “I am a nice guy and I want to be really good to the people in my life and show them how much I care about them.”

Somehow you have forgotten that you are a good guy. Connecting with family and friends will help you find the ‘good guy’ inside you again.

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