Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thursday March 25 – Homecare Plan is Taking Shape

Today I got a call from the homecare coordinator at the NSRC and also the local contact. It turns out the local coordinator is a neighbor. She feels that the self-managed care program would be ideal for you. She must perform some cognitive tests done first to ensure that you are able to supervise a self-managed care program.

In essence, a self-managed care program allows you to hire a person and develop an employer – employee relationship. Once that this is in place, the provincial homecare program will give you funds to supplement the cost of your home care. This system provides a lot of latitude. We can hire who we want and can direct the employee to do specific tasks to help you through your day. A job description should be done and an evaluation to provide feedback. With me working more, we would need someone for full time hours.

To start the local homecare coordinator envisions home care for about 6 hours a day starting at 7:30 or 8am until 2 pm. After this point, we would have to arrange of someone to be with you the remaining time that I can’t be home. This is where friends and family will be a huge support.

I feel really good today – almost enthusiastic about the future – a lot of the reason is because you are feeling positive and I can see a plan taking shape with you at home..

After piano lessons, the children and I go shopping for a shower nozzle and grip bars. Tomorrow I will get a bath bench. Tonight, I installed supports by the toilet for you to support yourself with when using the throne. They are simple and made with a couple of pieces of 2x4’s but I think they seem to work well. You will get to try them out this weekend.

I missed talking to you today. When I tried to call, there was no answer. Then the next thing I knew, it was after 10pm and the patient calls won’t go through after 10 pm. I hope you don’t worry about me not calling.

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