Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CHRISTMAS LETTER (as dictated by Chris)

Hello, before I get started on a Christmas Letter, I have a gigantic thank you to put out there first. I want to thank everyone at both the hospitals for their care, understanding and help. I also want to thank everyone at Saint Andrew’s Church for their inspirational work and help. Also family and friends and of course, my wife, without her I’d be dead right now. There are so many other people – I could just go on and on.

I hope to use the rest of my life paying these people back, but I know I never can and most of them have told me that I don’t need to, which I’m probably going to be using in the years to come. So just try to bear with me and know that I appreciate it as much as I can.

I hope every one is doing well at this festive time of year.

The biggest news for me is that I had a hemorrhagic stroke and I have been recovering ever since. Now it’s been over four months and my biggest goal is getting into rehab. I have be waiting to be put into rehab, which can be quite intense. It could be weeks or months before I get out but that’s what I need to do to get back into my old life – it’s my life blood. I long to get back to my wife and kids.

I have a lot of pay-it-forwards … I don’t know how they will pan out. I’m out of tears to cry … I’ve used them up over the past few months.

Wishing all who I know that I love them. Thanks, have a great 2010 and remember to make sure that the juice is worth the squeeze.

Love Chris

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