Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Note to Readers who want to visit or call Chris

If you plan to be in Halifax and have a little time, Chris would love visitors. The Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre is on the corner of Summer Street and University Ave. It’s across University from the VG – Dickson building. Parking is either on Summer Street (meter parking but free on weekends) or the parking lot which is accessible from University Ave. (park for a fee but free on the weekend)

As I understand things now, the therapy sessions are finished by 3-4 pm. Visiting is good after this time. He is in room 723, bed 2 and you can call him in the evenings at 902-473-2700, and the switchboard will put your call through if you ask for Chris Cashen. The children an I plan to try and call him between 7:30 and 8pm each week night so please don’t call then.

If you don’t bring a Tim Horton’s 4X4 I can’t be held accountable for your reception by Chris. (Yes, I know it’s embarrassing to order this but I think that I have gotten all the local Tim Horton’s staff used to the request now – so you won’t get too many odd looks.)

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  1. Hi Chris, Gwen, Tara & Quinn,

    I am a friend of Peter & Liane Smith. They gave me your blog back in Sept. I have been reading it faithfully ever since. I feel like I know you. Your family is an inspiration. Chris, you have come so far when the odds were stacked against you. What a fighter you are! Gwen, the juggling and stress must be overwhelming at times. You are doing an amazing job. Tara & Quinn, your parents are so proud of you as they should be!
    I have some sense of what it's like to push through a difficult time. Our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 6 years old and underwent over 2 years of weekly chemotherapy. She is a healthy, "normal" teen today. 10 years ago, I prayed to God for normal! Back then 2 years of treatment sounded like a life sentence, but we got through it - one day at a time. Rehab must be a difficult step for you, in that you are farther from your family, but think of it as a step towards them. I send you positive thoughts and prayers. I am going to put a 29 up in my work cubicle so I can give myself a kick in the butt when I start to feel sorry for myself. See Chris you ARE making a difference and helping people!! - Angela (P.S. Do you still have a stripper pole?? ;))