Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday January 11 – More Stripper Pole Tricks and Bigger Streaks

You might get moved to a different room so you can have the stripper pole in your room. The room you are in now would not support a ceiling to floor pole because your room has a dropped ceiling. Today, you used the pole to stand up from your chair and pivot and sit down on a bed. Then you reversed the order and moved from the bed to the chair. This would make transferring you much easier. I can see how this activity could be translated to a new skill of getting into a car seat. That would be great. Tomorrow I will discuss this with your physio team.

Tomorrow you want me to bring a camera. You want pictures of how you are now so you can see later how far you have come. Maybe I can get some video of you standing too.

On my visit after work, you maintain that your record is going to be 14 days of BM today, but you are having a little trouble. You sent me out to get you a Tim Horton’s coffee. Later in the night, you called me at home with the news. “The coffee worked, that’s fourteen days in a row!”

I don’t know, in fact, I have never known the thrill of the streak like you do. But I will rejoice in every streak – even that one. Whatever it takes to get you better.

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  1. Just as long as he doesn't start a "Streaking streak..." Tee hee.