Friday, January 8, 2010

Wednesday January 6 – My Brother Steve and the L Word.

The social worker hits us with the news about a pending strike at the hospital. It will affect all the support workers. Only nurses and management will be working. The social worker, the physio team, OT and the maintenance staff would have to picket. This strike affects all of Nova Scotia except the Halifax area.

At first, I thought that this was terrible news for all concerned. The social worker suggested that you may have to come home until a spot opens up in rehab because of the shortage of workers. Then I started to think differently. I started to think selfishly. Maybe there is a silver lining here too. If you have no place to go, then you may be bumped up on the list, ahead of someone who is the Halifax system, where there is no strike. Maybe you will get to the NSRC sooner.

We still hadn’t hard back about a possible date or where you are on the list now. So it’s premature to think that far ahead.

Margaret and Alan came to visit you. Margaret is the previous minister at the Church. You had a few emotional moments with her. "Margaret helped, that’s her specialty.” You said. “She was always good with people at times of grief.” She helped you through your rough moments.

You had another long phone call with Steve last night. You said that you had a good talk and both of you used to ‘L’ word with each other. I am thrilled that you are feeling brotherly love. I know how wonderful siblings can be in one’s dark days. I’m glad that you have found another area of support.

Your left field vision loss does have it’s advantages. You only see and acknowledge half your plate. I usually have to rotate your plate 180 degrees so you can find the other half of your meal. Another silver lining. That’s an interesting way to lose weight.

It seems you have regained another body function back. Today, you are seven for seven in the commode and bedpan Olympics. You get full points for volume, form and artistic impression. Seven days and seven BM’s you are quite proud of this feat and you share your excitement with your roommate.

The two of you make a good comedy act. Talking about your potty accomplishments. I had no idea that two guys could connect so in-depthly on the subject ... It must be a guy thing.

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