Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday January 27 – Eight Weeks

Our nightly phone call was completely taken up by the children. They had to tell you about things that happened at school. I had to call you back to get to talk to you after the children were in bed.

This morning your OT came to see how you do your personal care in the mornings. “I did OK but not awesome.” You said. She told you that you might need some special equipment to help you do things. Basic things like getting dressed. She said that you may have to get “used to the idea of being disabled – it may be a reality”. This thought ‘freaked you lot a little.” You broke down once the thought of this reality sunk in.

It almost seems like the rehab team is preparing you for your new very different reality. They are not trying to get back your old reality.

As I spend my spare time looking for other therapies, I wonder if it is time well spent… I still think it’s too early to accept any reality. I have been looking at Constraint Induced (CI) therapy and stem cell therapy. Of the two therapies, the stem cell seems the most promising but it’s s new thing and there are many unproven claims and misrepresented results available to sucker in the desperate stroke victim. We will have to proceed carefully.

You have a discharge date already! March 11 that’s only 8 weeks. I don’t know what to think of that – I have already scolded myself of thinking too much about the date. Eight weeks doesn’t seem like very long. Is that because there are minimal things they can do or because any brain ‘waking up’ that can be done in your case – will be complete in 8 weeks? I really have very little information to go on – so I will not read very much into this now.

Speculation is going to get us no where right now. We just have to stick to the program and have faith.

Today, you enjoyed yourself at trying your hand being a matchmaker. Tonight is games night at rehab. It is set up by the recreational therapists and their assistants. You try to set up two of your recreational therapists. Your new career as matchmaker may not pay much in the form of money but you are hoping to have some children named after you!

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