Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wednesday December 30 – Dad’s Funeral

Quinn had a really good dream last night. You were running in the Boston Marathon again. This time you ran faster then ever. Quinn ran with you but couldn’t keep up. Quinn’s friend, Cole, biked with you. You ran so fast that you knocked Quinn and Cole over! Quinn feels good about the dream.

At breakfast, I overhear Bill explaining about reincarnation to Quinn. Quinn happily suggests that maybe Grandad didn’t die. Maybe he is in a new baby’s body.

It’s Dad’s funeral today. I call you first thing in the morning to see if you still want to come to the funeral with me. You do. I call the nurse’s station and they think that they can arrange for a little day trip. Luckily, the wheelchair bus is available too. So it’s all set. Two funerals in two days. I go through the motions of getting through the morning.

We get ready for the funeral. I drop the children off at Juanita’s so I can get to the hospital in time for the CTCL bus. No physio today NSRC sooner then later.

Both the children have shed tears over Grandad’s death. They never got to know him very well. By the time he moved back to Truro, dementia has started and it was hard for them to connect with him emotionally. Janice (from PEI) pointed out to me that they felt my pain. They have empathy for my loss since they know how it almost felt like to lose a parent. I suppose she is right. Whatever the reason for their desire to come to the funeral, I am thankful that you and the children joined me. I felt your strength and love.

At he funeral, there were many people that I knew as a child. They brought with them good memories of my Dad. I felt good when we left for the hospital again.

With the goings and comings today, you missed your physio session. By the time we got to the hospital it was almost dinnertime. Fran picked up some pizza and the whole family ate dinner together in the cafeteria of the hospital. It was a pleasant evening.

Over the last few weeks, we have managed to get you into your chair for far longer then before. You haven’t even noticed that is was a long time until today. Your butt is sore and you are craving your bed.

One more sleep and you are back home again for the long weekend.

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